About Us

Founded in 1978, MIJO is the brainchild of Joel Reitman and Michael Goldberg. The two met as roommates at Ithaca College in upstate New York while studying Communications – and out of the first two letters of each of their names, MIJO was born.

Headquartered in Toronto, MIJO was originally established to offer Canadian feature film marketers a reliable and specialized resource for the creation of Product Reels, Trailers, Television and Radio Commercials. Over time, MIJO’s proven practice of creating effective and integrated materials was followed by the duplication and distribution of such content; whether produced in-house or otherwise – throughout Canada and North America. MIJO’s diverse offerings continued to expand through acquisition and natural growth – while being augmented and strengthened as they serve professionals in the Advertising, Entertainment, and Broadcast Industries.

Today, the company remains technology-based and people-driven – continuously evolving ahead of the industry. MIJO provides essential, bilingual, and comprehensive services to generate and deliver final broadcast, print, and digital media materials.