Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP)

Extreme Reach Toronto offers an end-to-end solution targeting Canadian Production and Advertising professionals enabling delivery of non-encrypted Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP) for distribution to digitally outfitted theatres or venues operating DCI compliant playback systems.

Our technology and workflow provides:

  • Pre-mastering of content to obtain the most accurate transfer from broadcast masters optimized for television to cinema projection, including customized conversion to 2K frame size.

  • On-site Quality Control room equipped with DCP2000 server, found in many Canadian theatres, 5.1 sound monitoring, and 1080p content viewing. Alternatively, facilitation to an off-site screening at a digitally-equipped cinema can be arranged.

  • Encoding to JPEG2000 and wrapping to DCI standards using industry recognized tools made by Doremi Labs, a leader in content encoding and playback of Digital Cinema content.

Whether a Cinema opening, Award Show or Festival competition, let Extreme Reach Toronto be your comprehensive Canadian destination for your Digital Cinema Packaging and Distribution.