Storage & Logistics
Online Archiving

Save space, time, and effort by transforming your original video formats into easily viewed and managed digital files.

Benefits include:
  • full control of files
  • enhanced flexibility
  • advanced accessibility
  • unlimited capacity

In particular, critical content from such analog formats as 1" and ¾" should be archived now to ensure their viability for the future.

Extreme Reach Toronto can create files from a variety of sources:

HDV, HDCAM, HDCAM SR, DVC PRO HD, XDCAM HD, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX, DVCAM, D1, D2, DVD-R, Digital 8, Hi 8, 8mm, Mini DV, DVCPRO, VHS, S-VHS, 3/4", 3/4"SP, Betamax, Betacam, 1"

DA88, DAT, CD-R, 1/4" reel to reel, audio cassette