Our Way is the Green Way

The Greener Ad Delivery Solution

Did you know...

Cloud computing leaves a lighter carbon footprint.

The Extreme Reach ad platform is cloud-based, providing our clients with the most environment-friendly solution. Recent research from Accenture** shows small and mid-size businesses reduced emissions up to 90% when using cloud-based resources, while large corporations saved up to 60%.

Clouds save trees.

Our cloud-based platform and paperless workflow also significantly reduce the amount of paper used in each Extreme Reach facility.

Consuming way less energy than satellite.

Satellite ad delivery requires proprietary servers at each destination to receive and run ads. Typically, those servers only provide a single function and consume power around the clock, each using about five times the amount of energy that a laptop uses in a year* - resulting in an XXL carbon footprint.

We've been taking tapes off the streets since 2008.

Each broadcast-standard tape can use as much as a gallon of petroleum in manufacturing alone*** - and that's before shipping. The Extreme Reach platform provides advertisers the option of eliminating the materials and fuel used to ship ads via tape delivery. More than 99% of our clients' TV ads are delivered digitally. By digitally delivering their ads with Extreme Reach, our clients have eliminated millions of tapes and saved thousands of tons of petroleum.

Going green means saving green.

Because we've harnessed the power of the cloud, Extreme Reach is able to help you reduce costs while being green. Lower energy consumption, a smaller carbon footprint and lower costs. It's good to be green.

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* Estimates from the Microsoft Developer Network Library and American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Table 1. 2010.
** Accenture Microsoft Report. Cloud computing and Sustainability: The Environmental Benefits of Moving to the Cloud. 2010.
*** Estimate courtesy of the LA Times. 2005.